It seems an ager since we last had cup of excellence coffees to offer you. thats because it has been an age since we had them to share with you.

If you don’t know what cup of excellence is, then take a look here

But if you do, you will know that Cup of Excellence coffees are both delicious and some of the finest for this year to come from that country.

Ironically this is a coffee we stocked around 5 years ago and somewhere I visited, but for some reason just fell off my radar. Well its well and truly back on my radar, and i’m very pleased to see it back

You can buy it here 

Back in 1870, Fabio Morán and Etifanio Silva decided to conquer this hostile territory, sowing coffee trees in one of the highest summits of the Apaneca-Ilamatepec Mountain Range. They named Siberia, the 28 hectares of land, for its chaotic weather conditions, along with its difficult accessibility. One century later, Rafael Silva inherited the property.

The name Rafael Silva might be a familiar one to lovers of El Salvador coffee. Raphael and Carmen being the owners of one of my favourite coffees La Fany. I visited this farm with them, back in 2007 and loved it. We have also had this coffee before on Has Bean, and loved it, but for a number of reasons we have not seen it here in the UK for a while. Well thats now changed.
Grown on the opposite side of the Santa Ana volcano to la fany, this coffee shares lots of the great characteristics of Santa Ana bourbons. This coffee is super special, I am so pleased its back.
In the cup expect milk chocolate body, with a walnut edge to it, with a clean sweet aftertaste that just goes on an on.
Farm: La Siberia
Farmer: Rafael Enrique Silva Hoff
City: Chalchuapa
Region: Santa Ana
Country: El Salvador
Farm Size: Not Available
Coffee growing area: Not Available
Altitude: 1450
Variety: Bourbon

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