ANOTHER cup of excellence I hear you scream, and you have one more scream ot let out this week too

It’s that time of year where the box’s arrive from the auctions and we get all excited.

This is an interesting lot, coming 8th but with a super profile and one of my favorties from the whole competition.

You can buy it here


Doctor Jaime Riera Menéndez, owner of Miralvalle farm, who`s coffee tradition comes from 3 generations is the one in charge of the managing and working the farm. He is a Gastroentorological MD whose parents make him feel the love for coffee cultura.

Miralvalle Farm is located at Ilamatec Mountain Range, at an altitude of 1650 masl, closet to Santa Ana volcano.

Gracefully located at “Potrero Grande Arriba” almost at the top of the Santa Ana Volcano, Miralvalle farm enjoys a breath-taking view, climate, rainfall and the care of her owner. Jaime Riera is a gastroenterologist and also a coffee producer. He inherited this farm from his mother, Marta Dolores Menéndez de Riera a few years ago, and together they still supervise all the work. This farm was bought by his late father, Amadeo Riera y Solsona more than 20 years ago.

Some of the cultural practices they develop at the farm are the continuous pruning of the coffee and shade trees, weed control, replanting and renewing the farm, all of this work using traditional methods. Also, because of the high altitude in which Miralvalle is located the farm ripens slowly, and this year they had to wait until February to harvest appropriately when the farm had evenly ripened. Finding workers around this area is very difficult because people migrated to the lower parts since the eruption of the Santa Ana volcano in 2005. Only 2 people live at the farm, the manager, Francisco Recinos and his wife, but for the harvest, they employ around 70 selected pickers from the surrounding areas, and pay them almost 40% above the legal wage.

Jaime thinks the reason why this farm was awarded this year is the excellent quality of the Bourbón variety, also its altitude and location. He is highly motivated to keep up with the optimum harvest and sorting processes to improve the quality each year. He thinks the key to this is motivating the people that work the farm, teaching them the importance of their role, and improving the benefits for everyone involved.

In the cup you get a rush of tropical Fruit, super clean mouthfeel with Floral notes and hints of Jasmine, a beautiful cup with a lingering aftertaste


Farm: Miravalle
Farmer: Jaime Ernesto Riera Menendez
City: Santa Ana
Region: Santa Ana
Country: El Salvador
Altitude: 1650 masl
Variety: Bourbon
Processing System: Washed

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  1. That’s interesting to me that the owner of the coffee farm is a gastroentorogist. As someone who suffers with IBD (inflammatory bowel disease), people are always telling me that i shouldn’t drink coffee as it’s bad for your stomach. I’m not convinced this is true myself. I don’t notice significant differences personally to my health when I drink or abstain from coffee. Must be the fact that I only drink quality coffee from Hasbean 😉 I wonder what Doctor Jaime Riera Menéndez thoughts are on this subject?

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