New Beans and finally Canario

Its been a while since we have had some new beans. When your happy with the range, and nothings coming along in cuppings then why change. I’ve had the “pleasure” of cupping new crop decaf’s and we see the tolima and the Sumatra return of which I’m pleased. More interestingly is the Daterra peaberry, which is fairly unique. This is a great espresso with an unusual twist.But by far my favourite is the Brazilian Fazenda Cachoeira Canario, from our good friend Gabriel. I’ll go out on a limb here and say this is one of the finest examples of single origin coffee I’ve tasted in a very long while. It took me back to a time when I first tried the original Cachoeira (see the cupping notes for more), a true wow moment. If you’re into your coffee (which I guess you are if you’re reading this) then this is a coffee you must simply try.

Only eight bags produced this year. 1 was given to the UK Barista Champion as a gift from the farmer and importer for using the coffee in his winning blend. I used another bag in the development of that blend. So that leaves six bags in the world, of which Has Bean has been able to secure three. You won’t find this anywhere else in the UK (maybe even Europe for a while).

See the cupping notes at the link below

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Expect to see a Cachoeira blend shortly which will contain three beans from the same farm with very different profiles that is espresso heaven. God I love coffee

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