Name my Roaster Competition

Some of you may remember who have read here for a while that I got a new roaster back in November last year. Others of you who have been here even longer may remember a post I did naming my 25kg probat a couple of years ago.

So to date we have always named our roasters the first being bettsy our 2kg Ambex

Ambex YM 2kg

then we had Amy my 5kg Ambex

Ambex YM 5kg

Then we had our 15kg Ambex Bertha

Ambex YM 15kg

Then we have Gunther our 25kg Probat

Probat 25kg

And the new addition with no name is our 12kg Probat

Probat 12kg

So I need your help to name the roaster, comments here, email or carrier pigeon for your entries. Going to keep it going for three weeks until we get a winner, and the winner will win a 3 month subscription pack for the in my mug videos, so a bag of coffee every week for 12 weeks if your in the EU and we will work out something nice if your further afield between us.

You can enter as many times as you like which will give you more chance the more you enter. The name must make me smile every time I use it. My decision will be the final one.

Want to get a better look at it? Then watch this video right beside it.

Episode 36 on Monday the 27th of July 2009 Indonesian Sidikaland 2009-2010 from Stephen Leighton

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  1. Ninky-nonk

  2. Rudolph the Red-based Roaster, had a very shiny knob….

  3. Gretyl. and the next one should be Hansel.

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