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  1. Beatiful Steve! I soo look forward to visiting you and Sarah at the roastery …

  2. Looks familiar somehow – but can’t be because it looks like our kitchen!

    Fantastic finish Steve. It looks really smart and professional. The Lusso next to the S5 shows just how big it is! Enjoy those fine espressos…

  3. Looking good!

    I look forward to coming over for coffee….

  4. Never mind how it looks. The coffee it made on 10th Dec was fantastic. Cappucino heaven! It Looks great too.

  5. Hand crafted counter? is there nowt you’re not good at? Looks good.

  6. Very nice Steve…and I thought it looked great before! Can’t wait to visit again. Just get some heating next time…either that or I will wer my long johns!

  7. BTW are they little HB Demitasse cups I spy?????

  8. aww the love the love, bless you all.

    Yes espresomatic they are hb demitasse, and yes keep your eyes peeled 🙂

  9. That looks amazing Steve …. great workmanship too. So, when can you come and sort out our coffee area? 😉

  10. Oooh oooh… the cups are listed now 😀 😀

  11. Oh… and when may I come and play in the bar? 😀

  12. you know you are always welcome marcy 🙂

  13. You do realise Steve that you are putting yourself in a dangerous position now…I still have the bruises from last time 😛

  14. Lovely job, Steve – should double-up nicely as a cupping table, too. Grant

  15. Hello I have just read your blog and wondering if you can help . I have just bought a business with 2 La Spaziale S5 compact machines and trying to set them up .
    I need to set up the extraction time and have no manual. could you please help as I open at 11am friday morning and am getting desperate . An engineer is booked but can’t come out till Tuesday morning.

    Thank You

    Engin tel 07956482292

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