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  1. You will be great I am sure.
    Glad you took insperation and created In my Mug which I am sure a lot of people will agree is excellent – you are to coffee what Gary is to wine.

  2. Very cool. When are you going Semantic Web though? 😉

  3. Excellent news steve. Ive watched Garry V’s videos for a while and he is a larger than life character – I cant wait to see the two of you on one show.

    Maybe you should give away copies of the book to people who follow you on twitter (and leave comments on your blog, and subscribe to all your podcasts, and buy the occasional bags of coffe from you, and who use you as an example of a great use of podcasting to their customers). Im sure there must be people like that out there who would appreciate a book 🙂

    Alternatively get yours and Garry’s signatures on it and Ill buy one.

  4. Great news Steve 🙂 Look forward to watching it, and will check up on the tickets…..

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