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We’ve been supplying a coffee shop that opened late last year in Liverpool called the Mocha Lounge, thats based in St Thomas street (adjacent to the car park on Victoria Street).

We dont too often recommend a customers shop in this Blog but were going to start.

This weekend mrs Has Bean wanted to go and visit the home town of The Beatles and with it being easter weekend a good time to get away for a couple of days. We stopped in the new themed hotel “a hard days nigh”t which is just around the corner of the Mocha lounge. The hotel was wonderful and a post for another day perhaps.


We sneaked in un announced secret shopper like and had americanos and espressos (and a big english breakfast that was very welcome). Even though I roasted the coffee so a little biased I can say hand on heart it was wonderful. The quality of the food drinks and the environment was really good.

So next time your in liverpool you must visit I recommend it.

The Mocha Lounge is open from 7.30am – 7pm Monday to Wednesday, 7.30am – 9pm Thursdays and Fridays, Saturday 10-6pm and Sundays 10-5pm. I love the idea of the late nights I wish more shops in the UK did this.

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  1. Oh, how I love that feeling of satisfaction that comes when you realize your hard work at the roaster has not gone down the toilet at the retail outlet!

    How many growers have said that about US as roasters?!?

  2. As Liverpool’s a bit far for a decent cup of coffee I’d be interested to hear of any places selling your coffee in the Midlands.
    Do you require a secret shopper by the way? Not that I need any excuse to drink a cup of coffee, finding the good one is the problem, although did find a good place near Alcester yesterday.

  3. We also went to the Mocha lounge. I had the best cup of coffee I have had in years! The Mocha lounge sponsors Liverpool artists and we went to view an exhibition there. I recommend the lounge for coffee, food and ART!

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