Meet Up More Places

Just for your info I’ve raised the amount of people to come to the meet up as possibles take away from those who can come, its a big
place any way šŸ™‚ We reached 20 so thought I would extend it. If you
have said maybe, could you firm up the plans for me just so we can plan
on numbers.

Have a look at the link here

I also have a fun idea for the next one in March more to come
once I’m back.

I’ve also just posted a new in my mug mini at the link
shortest ever at under 2 mins

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  1. I love the link to a meetup! My blog today is about taking care of your friendships. I want to let folks know about MeetUp. Your blog is perfect for this! Thanks.

  2. If you want a place to meet up in scotland, can I suggest Tapa in Glasgow? Very coffee-orientated.

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