Kenya Kanjathi AB 2009-2010 Auction Lot 805

I know I get excited about new coffees way to much but this one is a little special. I’ve popped the write up below but I still don’t think it does it justice, one of the best finds so far this year (to arrive). A definite contender for an in my mug very soon. A must try.

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I know so little about this coffee, it’s been like buying coffee in the olden days of Has Bean, where getting any farm info was hard work. What I do know is it’s from Kenya, it’s an AB bean size grade, and its auction lot 805.

That’s it as much as I can tell you about its provenance. I will add any information I find as we go along. So why do we have it here after the big fuss I make about traceability?

This is something that is truly mind blowing in the cup. We have bought this coffee 100% n its cup quality, and this lack of information means we may never see it again, but its worth it.

The best descriptors I can give you it’s like all the best things about Ethiopian Yirgacheffee mixed with the best of Kenya (two of the greatest coffee growing regions. Its like Yirgacheffee on steroids, floral, bright, HUGE grapefruit and lemon acidity that gives your taste buds a real kicking. Then it develops into the smooth creamy mouth feel of a great Kenya calming down not being so bright and fruity. As it cools those fruit notes just get bigger and bigger.

Maybe not for the espresso machine (unless you like that sort of thing) but as a brewed cup of filter / French press this is massive. There is not much of this, when its gone its gone.

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  1. Oh boy, that sounds right up my alley. Do I buy some or wait for the ‘maybe’ in my mug to come through the door? Aghh!

  2. never apologise for getting excited about coffee 🙂

  3. Ordered Steve 🙂 Look forward to it!

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