Just to say I'm still here

Just to say to the people who have mailed me I’m well and haven’t fallen off the end of the world, I am here and I will be posting soon. Last week we had some staffing issues, but we are getting through it all now.

Been a busy couple of weeks on the coffee front. We have taken delivery of two Nicaraguans from farms I visited on my recent trip, the Nicaragua El Quetzal and the Nicaragua Los Alto


Los Alto


Roberto the farm owner and me

To try these at 10% off the site price use the coupon code ‘blognic’ (all lower case) only on roasted coffee.

Also other new arrivals the costa have arrived. Last year from the Cup of Excellence program we bought the Licho which is a truly wonderful coffee. this year we have it at a more affordable price (but still good enough for the farmer to be well rewarded. Take a look at here

also our cup of excellence coffee from the Costa Rican auction has arrived at the link here

Will get back on the bloging horse really soon.

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  1. staffing problems, eh? does that mean you’re looking to hire someone to sweep the floors and clean out your spit cups? where do i sign up?

  2. Hi, Steve – you don’t know me, but i’ve heard good things and am about to become a newbie customer.

    Have been browsing your site – the beans look wonderful. This is quite a revelation; a month ago I thought beans kept for months, and ground coffee lasted similarly (if kept in a freezer). I had a fantastic cappucino in an italian-run cafe, and decided to learn something about espresso. After research, I went for a Gaggia Carezza and an Iberital MC2.

    Anyway, to cut a long story short – for espresso, I’d like to try either your Honduras La Fortuna, or the Nicaragua El Quetzal. Both have a special offer! So my question is, which offer is likely to run out first, because then I’ll opt for that bean this time around. (And the other one the next time!)

    Thank you, -PJ.

  3. Hi PJ, they are both in good supply but the Honduras will be the first to run out for sure.

    Thanks for your kind words

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