Jailbreak Espresso Blend

I’ve been talking on twitter all week about a secret new idea that’s launching this week, and I can now proudly unveil it.

Take a look here

Has Bean premium espresso blend and the Has Bean Espresso blend have been the pillars of my little coffee company for the past 8 years. But I have never liked the name, never liked the lack of creativity or the way it inferred that everything else was not premium.

But when something has been around for so long you kind of get used to it, but no more. The name premium espresso blend is dead, long live Jailbreak. As part of our blend revamp we will be paying some special attention to this area.

So whats changed ? Well the blend keeps the principles of premium. Well balanced sweet, controlled acidity, body but most of all forgiving the mainstays of this blend. Its still super tasty, delicious, moreish and best of all will taste good on that home machine as it will on the commercial machine, it forgives the long pull, it forgives the short pull sure hit the numbers and its at its best but its not a hard coffee to work with.

In true has bean fashion we have had a video made of it. Expect t-shirts of this and mugs too, its all in hand these guys are going to become huge 🙂 I do have some wallpapers for your pc/mac, ipad and iphone. Click here

There is a reason for the name, most of my friends will know why, but if you don’t feel free to email me, its not a secret, just nice to keep a little mystic.

This is the first in a collection of blend revamps. You can try this in some coffee shops next week take a look at our map for the guest coffee shops its on offer. The map locations is just for illustration purposes but click the tags and they will give you the address.

View blend in a larger map

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  1. What a way to launch the new blend, looking forward to trying it (am guessing an IMM package of it soon?) and seeing the rest of the merchandise. Nice job!

  2. Loving the video Steve, congrats on the Jailbreak!!! 🙂

  3. Nice job Steve, shame you passed the opportunity to call it Screw You Espresso…

  4. Chris you will see it very soon (like this weekend)

    Jon thank you pal

    Steve Like it maybe a behind the counter version 🙂

  5. Love your new marketing. All that cool stuff. Very, very nice! Congrats! To me it adds more value to your already great product, somehow. I like it.

    I’d like to ask you, and I’d like to not sound rude, Have you thought about changing the logo? I mean… A steaming cup, well, It’s a pretty common symbol, you can see it everywhere, and perhaps not the best way to draw attention to differentiate from others.

    Well, its just a little thought..

    Cheers Steve!!

  6. Afraid the logo is here to stay, its who we are now, and a change would be horrid. Its nearly killed me to lose premium 🙂

  7. Hehe, I understand. Anyway, the coffee its what really matters. 😉

  8. LOVE that video!!

  9. Great video – reminded me a bit of one of my boy’s favourite TV shows “OOglies” (on CBBC – google it or look on youtube if need be… ) which is no bad thing.

    But if this is the old “Espresso Premium” blend, then what’s happened to the “non-Premium” version ? I tried the Premium (as it was) several times but honestly preferred the basic (non premium blend) version in my machine…please tell me I can still get it…

  10. I just checked out Ooglies wow there are similarities for sure.

    Afraid the old non premium is no longer too sorry 🙁 Was time to move on, hopefully this will fill the shoes of both blends.

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