Introducing Brazil Fazenda Divino Esprito Santo Catuai Pulped Natural

I love this farm, and I love this coffee back for its second year with us.

Returning for its second year, this is one of our direct trade coffees from Brazil. This year I got to visit the farm, having only had enough time last year to meet the owner, Michel Freitas. This is an amazing place, so clean and organised, and so very professional.

The farm is located in the region of Piatã, which is in the state of Bahia, at an elevation of 1300 masl (meters above sea level), which is one of the highest spots in the whole of this award winning area. The farm has an annual production of around 250 bags (it would be more but Michel is very fastidious in his picking and selection). The varietal of this coffee is Catuai, as in fact is so much of the great coffee in the in the greater regional area of Chapada Diamantina where Piatã is situated. This comes as no surprise though as selecting the best varietal for the conditions found in an area is always a very good idea. Michael is constantly playing with experimental lots, and we have been lucky enough to get some of this, this year.

Michel is seen by his peers as a pioneer for quality He seems to know instinctively how he can get the very best out of the land in Bahia. In 2004, Michel won a BSCA (Brazil Speciality Coffee Association) award after finishing 5th and 14th in competitions. He was a 1st place winner in the ABIC (Associacao Brasileira das Industrias de Café) contest in 2006 with a Pulped Natural, and 1st place winner in 2007 with with a Natural lot. He is keen to learn and experiment with the coffees he has, and I think this quality comes through in the cup. He has also ventured into roasting coffee in order to further his learning and develop his skills. Michel is also an accomplished cupper, which is a skill every great farmer should posses.

In the cup expect loads of milk chocolate, with a silky textured body and and a mid-note of walnut oil, finishing with a dark high cocoa content chocolate. This is one heck of an espresso coffee, it has espresso coffee written all over it as a blender or as a stand alone single origin.

Owner:Michael FreitasFamily: Lives in farm with wife and 3 daughtersClosest City:PiatãEmployees:6 full time in addition to extended family member. Seasonal Employees:45 to 55 seasonal pickersVarietals on the Farm:Catuai, Topazio, Pacamara, Java, Catucai, Obatan, Acauan, Bourbon Varietals of this coffee:Topazio, CatuaiAltitude:Up to 1,300Processing: Washed, Natural, Pulped NaturalTotal Farm Area: 27 ha total area of which 9 ha are planted.
Owner: Michael Freitas

Family: Lives in farm with wife and 3 daughters

Closest City: Piatã

Employees: 6 full time in addition to extended family member.

Seasonal Employees: 45 to 55 seasonal pickers

Varietals on the Farm: Catuai, Topazio, Pacamara, Java, Catucai, Obatan, Acauan, Bourbon

Varietals of this coffee:Catuai

Altitude: Up to 1,300

Processing: Pulped Natural

Total Farm Area: 27 ha total area of which 9 ha are planted.

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  1. I bought this coffee from you the other day. It was roasted on 9 May and I began to drink it, made up as lever espresso, yesterday (15 May), that is six days from the roasting. It was very good, much as you described it above, but I wondered if it was not a bit too “lively” (for want of a better word). Do you have a recommended “resting” time for your coffees?

  2. Resting time is very [personal, but I prefer this at 7 + days and no more than 21.

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