Introducing Brazil Biodynamic Fazenda Aranquan Peaberry 2011 Pulped Natural

The last in three coffees from Aranquan this time a peaberry puled natural, to join the natural and washed from the same farm. Its taken us a little longer to get right because the peas have been tough to get right. But we are now there and I hope you take a look at them.

This is part of our direct trade agreement in Bahia, Brazil this year and is a brand new coffee for us. It’s also biodynamic coffee for those who care, but I know all of you will care that it is really tasty.

This is the farm that I stayed on during my stay in Bahia for the whole week in 2010 (and the previous year) with Luca Allegro. Luca was a great host, we ate, drank and had a wonderful time, chatting until the early hours. Luca lives in Salvador and the farmhouse is a wood cabin that the family go to at weekends. Luca also lives in it during harvest. The rest of the time the farm is managed and looked after by Nelson Ribeiro from Fazenda Floresta which is the neighbouring farm and he is a very, very close friend of Luca.

They work as a double act, Luca finds the buyers, looks after the export, deals with all the paper work, Nelson does what he is amazing at, processing milling and bagging the coffee. This time a pulped natural and to the same high standards as the washed and naturals we have had from them.

The farm has been in Luca’s family for many generations, but had become run down, still producing but not very productive. But around 4-5 years ago Luca decided to focus on raising production and the quality of his coffee in tandom with Nelson. Luca has planted a whole heap of new varietals. One of the most interesting is this one, the Acauan, a new varietal to me that produces around 40% peaberry. This is the first time I have come across it, and its a cup profile I am liking very much.

So in the cup this is super super super sweet golden syrup, reminding me of flapjack, with a toasted nuts sprinkled on the top, another huge mouthfeel a cup of delciousness

Farm: Fazenda Aranquan
Farmer: Luca Allegro
City:Chapada Diamantina
Region: Bahia
Country: Brazil
Farm Size: Hectares
Coffee growing area: Hectares
Altitude: 1200masl
Varietal: Acauan
Processing System: Pulped Natural

You can buy it here

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