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  1. interesting article steve. you’ve caused quite an upset there for one of the readers comments! i’m guessing after doing some research..he’s feeling rather silly about his comment now. life’s just so unfair 🙂

  2. Is that a pic of you with Günther?

    I hope the 1st commenter contacts you and sees the error of his ways :p

  3. That is me and Gunther in an embrace 🙂

    Thanks Lastcoyote for the support, its all good fun with these kind of things. At least there are conversations happening.

  4. Well I hope he isn’t feeling silly. Seriously I don’t. He had an honestly held belief that FT is all good (Ocassionally it can be). He put across his view. rather than feeling silly, I hope he has gone away and done some research to round out his views a little more.

    It is all about education, education, education.

    It is a shame we don’t see CoE on the shelves though Steve, it could really open up awareness you know. Boutique roasters here have their goods on sale…. 😉

  5. espressoSquirrel 6 March, 2008 at 9:06 am

    your a brave man steve.
    Knowing how much i like coffee a friend offered to sponsor me to give up coffee for 2 weeks, for fairtrade fortnight and give the money to charity. I timidly said i thought it would be hypocritical as i don’t buy fairtrade coffee. A look of horror and distain crossed her face. I always feel like the bad guy even when i know more of my money gets to the farmers.

    Its also quite difficult to explain to people how its different, as the way coffee is bought and sold in markets seems quite bizarre, my understanding of the economics behind the price of coffee is quite poor. I can only point to hasbean coffees that state the price paid, which i think is an amazingly open and welcome. I would love to see that on more of the coffees but i’m sure there are reasons why this doesn’t happen.

    So in the end i didn’t give up coffee for 2 weeks but ordered 3 bags of fresh coffee to make me feel better.

  6. There are some stores selling COE Matt, in fact the UK has the only supermarket that stocks it.

    It is difficult to explain why its better, but it just has to come down to a trust. I think the price is the hardest part to explain. IF I tell you a coffee ocst $1.82.5 a lb what does that mean? Is that as cherry, is that proceed and delivered to the door, is that in port. So I try to move people away from price and tell them about the farmers, tell them they are happy with the price, tell them we pay more for quality. In fair trade fortnight the market (c market) price has gone off the scale. this has made a mockery of the $1.31 a lb prices fair trade pays when the market price is pushing $1.70. I’m half way through writing a post on all of this.

  7. Thats good to hear Steve about the Suermarket 🙂

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