In My Mug was way too late

So a quick post out to say firstly sorry for my lack of posts about the Brazil trip, but I’ve not been so well since getting back to the point I’ve not been able to go into work (which is not me).

I got bitten in Brazil and it has knocked me off my feet. How bad? IV antibiotics and a district nurse visiting four times a day bad (they wanted me to go into hospital but that’s not me:) )

Photos video and talk to come once I get my mojo back, but for now I am feeling very sorry for myself. To the point this weeks in my mug was so late going out that it was three days late (never heard of). So I thought I best mention it here for those who were looking and I promise this coming weeks (which is very exciting one for next week a killer one) will be on time to the dot, and will be involving an espresso machine.

Episode 53 In My Mug from Stephen Leighton

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  1. Hope you feel better soon. IV antibiotics is probably a just about adequate excuse for a little time off work 😉 I know coffee’s important, but getting back on your feet probably more so…

  2. I’ll second that. Hope you’re feeling better. Beautiful scenery in the background at least.

    I like the Aeropress, it’s done some excellent work for me.

  3. Steve,

    Great vid.
    We have a roaster from Belgium whose taking in a lot of these kind of beans. Since 2 weeks we order some specialty’s via him.
    This week our roast of the week is the Kiragu! And we like it a lot on AP. And normally I use the reversed technique, but on this one I fully agree it gives a more pleasant cup using the classic technique. This bit of drip up front gives it a rounder, more enjoyable, taste. It’s a delicious coffee. Lot’s of wine, fruit and clean. A bit thin maybe, but’s it’s a Kenyan after all, isn’t it?

    Keep up the good work,

    Antwerp Barista

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