In My Mug Live pt 2

So this has been in the making for 149 episodes, it’s nice to commemorate a land mark with a special edition of In My Mug as something different.

It looks like this may be a push too far and the take up doesn’t seem so amazing, so I may be doing this on my own head, but we plough on. I hope you support it but I expect to fall flat on my face.

I expect this as the live audience thing has taken off as I thought it might. I only had a couple of people express interest; I guess seeing a warehouse in Stafford is not as exciting to others as it is to me, so maybe another time for that. We will not be having the “live audience”.

But the live-from-coffee-shops-around-the-world goes ahead on September 25th, as does the Google+ recording. Here’s the list of shops wanting to be involved, as it stands:

3fe, Lower Grand Canal Street, Dublin, Ireland

6 / 8 Kafe, Temple Row, Birmingham

Colonna and Smalls, Princess Street, Bath

Harlequin / the Attic King Square, York

North Tea Power, Tib Street, Northern Quarter Manchester

Transcend Coffee, Edmonton, Canada

But you can also do this at home, and here is how to be involved.

Number One “Get a Google+ account”

If you do not have an account, email me I’ll send you an invite, although I’m fairly sure you can just get one now.

Take a look here for more info.

This will allow you to participate in the live tasting.

Number Two “Download voice and video chat”

This sounds difficult, but it’s easy and free. Just go here and install.

Number three “Friend me up baby!!!”

Google+ is a bit like facebook – you can see what people are talking about. I haven’t got into it 100% yet but I’m trying. Add me to your circles (don’t worry, it’s just for this. If you hate me afterwards just stop following – I won’t know and understand that I can get a bit boring!)

I’m here

Number Four “Be ready on Sunday the 25th of September at 3pm”

I’ll be there from 2 pm in my little Google+ hangout, and I’ll post here on the blog and on facebook and on twitter and start making a noise. You come onto Google+ and join the hangout I will have created. You’ll get to talk to other people who are In My Mug subscribers, and we all get to hear from the coffee shops participating, and hopefully have some fun.

Number Five “ask for your coffee to be sent early”

I know most of your coffees arrive on the Saturday, which will arrive in time. But if you are not one of these lucky people email me with a request to send early and we will send on the Wednesday. We won’t send early unless you ask, but if this helps do take advantage.

I will be ready to answer any questions you may have about this on email, but also from around 1pm on the Sunday on the hangout, so feel free to dive in then.

Also try and make it to one of the coffee shops who are hosting for this. They have been kind enough to support “In My Mug live” and I’d love you to support them. They will be giving away coffee to try (as they didn’t know but were giving it to them as a freebie), so support them by buying something from them too !!!

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  1. Sorry Steve, I saw that it was going to be invite by email, and it was already Wednesday when I saw the episode of IMM, so I assumed that all the places were taken already.

  2. I am interested in seeing ‘a warehouse in Stafford’ but only when you are running. Going on a Sunday when there is no coffee being roasted/packed/etc is a lot less interesting. So, please have an open day during the week some time.

    My main reason for not asking for an invite to IMM Live is my dislike of ‘audience participation’ (if I am one of the participants) and my lack of confidence in my tasting skills. Being asked, effectively in public, to describe a coffee that I have just tasted is right up there with my worst nightmares.

    I hope that it goes well. I’m less interested in the outside broadcast IMM episodes than some others but I have enjoyed the small number where you have guests, even though those episodes may have been outside broadcasts as well.

  3. Afraid Roland that during the working day we just cant. Food / organic regulations tied in to just been super busy mean that its impossible. We have done roasting demonstrations on previous open days. Also its tough for lots of folks to get time off work etc

    Tasting is easy even idiots like me can do it, but the [participation isn’t necessarily to say I taste /….. it can just be I like it because ands there are no wrong answers, thats why I love it I’m always right (for me)

    Thanks for the feedback on the outside ones

  4. Like Darren, I assumed that the places would all have gone by the time I watched the episode with the announcement.

    I almost sent you an email asking to be put on the waiting list, but then forgot.

    What a muppet!

  5. Really gutted that because of changes at work (it’s their subscription) I am going to miss out on this coffee.

    Will the video appear as normal as a video on the website?

  6. Afraid not mark its a subscription only coffee 🙁 But the video will be posted on In My Mug as normal

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