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So we approach in my mug episode 150, and on these kind of land mark episodes I like to do something special, and this time were going to do something really different.

So the coffee…….. its two special lots, two special lots I have never ever tried. We bought them with this in mind, our importer told us they are amazing, and super interesting so thats good enough for me. The ONLY way you can try these coffees are to be an in my mug subscriber. Keep in mind you will get 2 250g bags of something amazingly special (a very good reason to subscribe).

But there is another way to try them. If you are a coffee shop and would like to participate in this in my mug 150 then all you need a webcam and an internet connection and to drop me an email that you would like to participate and we can sort you out.

So far we only have two shops signed up in

Cafe Harlequin York
Third Floor Espresso Dublin

You can get in touch with these guys if you would like to get involved in a group. But you will be able to get involved at home if you have a webcam and an internet connection. If you would like us to send your coffee subscription a little earlier then ping me an email.

I’ll post more about this later in the week, but get ready its coming 🙂 IMM 150

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