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Following on from the Tamper Tantrum live I also have some plans to do an In My Mug live.

A plan for a while has been to take In My Mug on the road and visit some of our customers. This weekend we went to see Hayley at The Window in Norwich, which was great to combine visiting a lovely customer and giving you a change of scenery on In My Mug.

But I thought what if we combine this with telling you lot so you can come along drink some coffee ask questions and be a bit of a live version. So on May the 7th I’ll be recording an in my mug at 6/8 Kafe in Birmingham (see map below) a train to Birmingham in the middle of the country is easy, we will be doing the tasting around 4pm and would love to have you along.

We will retire afterward to enjoy some cooler beverages for those who wish to partake, and I am sure it will be a fun day. No need to be on camera unless you want to, but a great chance to see one of Birmingham’s coolest coffee shops.

I hope you will be able to make it along. Email me if you need any more details.

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