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So my new project I’ve been talking about on twitter. I’ve been thinking for a while about video bloging but wasn’t so sure what to do. My spelling (as you will know) is not so good, and people tell me all the time that my passion for coffee comes across when I talk to people, so it seems like a good idea.

I have a voice for text bloging but I’m giving it a go any way. The project is called and is a weekly video blog, on a different coffee each week. I’m not sure how it will develop but I hope it will branch into cupping’s, espresso, roasting, blending and all things coffee. It’s also a chance to share a special offer on that coffee for the week.

I would really like some feedback on this first edition(email the bad, post comments on the good ☺ ) . I know I speak to fast on this one, I know it’s not as polished as it could be but I hope you agree its something to build on.

I also want your interaction on them, I’d love some questions and some ideas what you would like to see.

I see it as complimentary to the blog the twitter and all the other things I love doing in the social world. I also hope it’s a chance to share some of the things I’ve learnt about coffee.

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  1. Great work Steve! I must confess I am a bit jealous as our first videocast was due up later this month and you’ve beaten us to the punch!

    RSS has been fed to my feedreader and I shall be looking forward to every episode. Go Steve!

  2. More Steve!!! And Homer mug.

  3. When do you find time to do all this stuff?

  4. Thanks Guys for the kind words, and thanks for the emails I’ve received this morning (and the orders)

    Alistair, I kind of gave up on sleep a few years ago so it whittles the nights away 🙂

  5. Passion is so important when it comes to great coffee. It inspires others to get interested, to taste new things, to discuss. Your passion is infectious on the video, and it’s a great medium to reach new people.

  6. Looking forward to more Steve! Great stuff 😀

  7. Excellent info. Any chance of a bit more detail on the mechanics – how the coffee in your mug is prepared?
    Shame I missed out on the promotion code!

  8. Code is still active, and will for sure put more info in about how it got into my mug

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