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  1. My Tuesday morning fix. Excellent.

    Unlike the previous two though, this one sounds a challenge. I’ve had some not great experiences with “earthy” coffees, although I suspect they had crossed that line you spoke of.

  2. Hi Steve,

    Just looked at your “In My Mug” for the first time – excellent! What a great idea – I shall be tuning in regularly. I have a very minor (constructive I hope) criticism and a question:

    1] The parts where you stand still are MUCH more easy to watch than those where you shuffle from foot-to-foot. I do it myself when speaking in public but on camera it is exaggerated.

    2] Where can I get a Colonel Grumpy mug?

    Keep up the good work!



  3. Dam you spotted the dance, noted and will nail my feet to the floor next time 🙂

    Grumpy mugs I’m not so sure, but you could contact them at they are wonderful people.

  4. Steve

    Do encourage people to try the Lingtong in the espresso machine – I’m told (by the cap drinkers in the house) it’s good with milk – certainly nice as an espresso



  5. Here here David, cuts through the milk like no other. Perfect capa bean

  6. Hola Steve

    I was just checking the hits on my site when I spotted a referral from your blogsite. So I followed it back to find your video blogs and was v chuffed to see you using the mug and talking kindly of our visits. How nice to be thought of – we remember our adventures to the North fondly. The bus is going well and very busy, but we have had a tough year trying to start a coffe shop. We were asked by the military to open one styled after the bus and catchily called it Colonel Grumpy’s Coffee Bus Stop. But the families centre really was poorly attended and we have realised that we much prefer the “freedom of the road”. So we shall be focusing on that and may be developing our second bus.

    All the best to you and Sarah

    Ian and Judy

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