I told you El Salvador is the next big thing, do you believe me yet?

I told you all back on the 12th of September that El Salvador is the next big thing in espresso, and now others think so.

Nicholas Cho also agree’s. Now I know how much preparation goes into developing a blend for competition so I’m not trying to get any credit for his 100% El Salvador blend at the SE regional barista competition in the USA. But it just goes to show that Nick and Counter Culture (the guys who helped him blend and roast it) also believe that El Salvador is rocking espresso. I doubt if he will ever read this but wWell done to Nick for winning the SE regional, permission to sit back and look smug 🙂
I’ve been working on blends for a while, so be prepared to see a flurry of new ones over the next week. But on the above topic we have a 100% El Salvador creation I’m sure you will love.

I’m also pleased to offer the Cup of Excellence blend mk2, which has been in the making for a while. We ran out of the El Salvador San Roberto, and the plan was to use our new El Salvador COE as a replacement. Early blending attempts left it wanting a little, so I had to re construct the blend, which has taken a few weeks but now I am happy.

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  1. You’re such a doubter.

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