How to Brew Coffee – Has Bean’s 10 Commandments

A new article added to the website today “How to Brew Coffee Has Bean’s 10 Commandments” Really meant as a bit of fun, but you will get the idea. Click here to go to the articleThe long weekend has meant I’ve had time to dig some of this stuff out, and I hope to publish some more soon.

Its also given me a great chance to fall in love with filter coffee again. I’ve been mainly drinking the Nicaraguan coop 22nd de septembre which is truly special. I also had the last of the sample from Colombia auction gone a few days ago, and that got me very exited about it. Its amazing but at home I rarely drink espresso, but at the roastery its all I tend to drink.

There is some interesting stuff been going on in the forums toomuchcoffeeand coffeegeek,and the guys portafilter podcast entertained over the break. If you don’t know Nick and Jay (party on Nick, party on Jay) do a radio style podcast thing, where they sit around and talk mostly coffee (and sometimes go wildly off topic). But that doesnt matter very cool, and there recent shows are all about the SCAA conference in Charlotte. Being too far to go and too expensive it was good to hear all the stuff that was happening. Also the coffeegeek podcast is available too and aimed at the newbie in coffee (I’m sure Mark Prince won’t mind me saying that). There have been some cool ones recently though where he talks to Susie from the cup of excellence, great work, by all these guys.

I have been tossing around the idea of doing a European based podcast type thing, but I’m worried that 1 no one would listen, 2. it would be rubbish, and 3 I’d run out of time to do it. But I haven’t ruled it out, if anyone is interested in helping or doing something with it let me know.

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