How did you get here?

It seems fashionable to post about the strange ways people find blogs, so I thought I would share with you in the self gratifying way. Number one must go to Jim Hoffman the most searched for Barista in the world 🙂 . SO if I mention James hoffmans name some more then I may get some more James hoffman James hoffman traffic on my website.

The others I’ve picked out are just funny. My most favorite was Pot Noodle Vending Machine Prices,  HOW WHY WHO? I’ve tried to find it myself and I couldn’t do it in google.

Home Brew wine stop fermenting was another, and we seem to be getting a lot for kenco. A funny one was how to brew coffee on the Steve (note Steve not stove) made me laugh outloud.

But truly the best of them all on a google search for weirdest place we come up third.

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  1. Steve, I thought you were the coffee, not the heat source? But given your fire’ish head … lol

  2. i got here on an honest search. i came to harass you at your cyber place of work as you do on mine. heh! you’re the coolest, steve. iron sharpens iron. keep the comments comin’.

  3. You’re okay until you start getting traffic for “barking mad” 😉

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