Ha'way the Lads

You may have noticed I love my coffee. What some of my closer friends also know is my love for football. When the chance to combine the two together comes along well its just perfect.

We hope your enjoying our Rwandan coffee as much as we are. Its been a bit hit since we started selling it a few weeks ago, and become a firm favourite of mine. Well our import partners Mercanta know I kind of like football, and asked if I’d be interested in sponsoring one of the teams based in the village where the co-operative is based. EEEERRR of course!!! Particularly when I see one of the players in a Manchester United shirt. So here is there current kit and here is there new one. Expect much more news on this one

Oh yes the Red and white stripes is the Sunderland Fan in me, a little part of Wearside in Rwanda


Pictures at our flickr site at

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  1. A lovely gesture mate ….. but won’t they just be a bunch of “has beens” wearing those stripey shirts of your Wearside favourites? 😉

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