Has Bean Iphone App 2.0

I love my iPhone and iPad, and I love my iPhone app. But now you can enjoy this app on the iPad too.

The Has Bean app just got a bit better. You may remember the launch a few months back of the upgraded app, it was a huge leap forwards, but we realised there were a few ways we could make it better.

1. Improved shop with categories
2. Grind options within the shop
3. More coffee option in the shop along with In My Mug subscriptions.
4. Emergency orders option improved, with “hidden” special offers
5. Added “tool” in tools section of varietals
6. Improved photos with categories
7. Wholesale videos added to the videos page
8. Updated where to drink Has Bean Coffee map
9. iPad support
10. Intelligent shipping that is not only better value for you, but works in the same way as the online shop
11. Improved Paypal checkout that’s quicker and more stable

A mega list I am sure you will agree. I am so grateful to Nigel for the work he has done on this. He has promised to look at the Android version at some point in the future, but Nigel has done this as a friend and fan of Has Bean, and Android is not a platform he has worked on before, so I am lucky to have what I have.

If you downloaded the new app a couple of months ago, go to iTunes and check for updates and it should be there. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, or have the first version without the shopping ability, delete that, and go to the link here and down load it now

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  1. Lance Braithwaite 12 February, 2011 at 6:28 am

    Any chance of an android app, androidis overtaking every other platform and will be many times larger than iOS by the end of this year?

  2. Hi Lance

    Got an android device and it maybe larger but the app store is a complete mess for it. I hope they sort that out.

    Yes Nigel who wrote the iphone app for us, is going to do an android one for us but he is doing it for us as a customer and mate, so his other work has to come first, I’m very lucky to have his input, and hope we can see one soon.

  3. Any update on the Android app? Chomping at the bit………….

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