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Has Bean website is a super important part of what we do. Without it we just don’t have a business, and no way we can sell coffee. We had a fairly major overhaul of the website three years ago, one which we hoped would be our last for a long while.

Speed ahead three years, and we received an email from our developer people. The email said that our current software is about to be stopped being supported by the company. This of course leaves it open to changes with the web and potentially abuse in the future.

So I’ve been working with clever web people to design a new Has Bean site. We are also taking this opportunity to tidy up the back office systems to make the teams’ lives easier. Currently, for every order that comes in, they have to manually enter address, manually enter labels, and manually print invoices. For video evidence watch this video here πŸ™‚

I’m really sorry to ask you to re-enter the passwords, but because they are encrypted we couldn’t get those out. Your address details should be transferred and you will get an email invite click the link, and off you go. Really simple and easy.

Your previous order history will be available, and you will have that link in the email, or drop us an email and we will send you the details. That will be your old login details.

What this should do for us is make the teams’ lives easier, which is always good. It should also make your buying experience easier and better, which is VERY good, and cut down on mistakes and problems, as lots of the human errors can be cut out by the automation.

If you are worried, bothered, or upset by this; firstly, don’t be, it’s going to be good. Secondly, email me and I will try to allay any fears or help make your life easier with anything you need from the old cart.

Sorry and thank you for understanding.

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  1. Hi,

    I haven’t received an email and I can’t log into the new site. Help!


    John :^P

  2. Hi John its coming I will speed yours up for you

  3. Same here, I have been trying to login all morning and wondering why password reset reqeusts were not working and then I saw the blog post! πŸ™‚

  4. …I NEED coffee πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  5. Jumped your up the line too Chris should have it now

  6. Thanks Steve, I can feel the shakes starting to calm down already πŸ™‚

  7. Being a bit picky… I’m not finding the wording on the product picture easily readable in every case (Kangocho is especially problematic) . The other small niggle is that on the ‘Follow’ graphic it might be good to have a tooltip or something to say what the links are – they won’t all be obvious to everybody.

    My first impression of pretty much every website re-design is that I preferred the old one! It’s always best to wait for a while before passing judgement but so far there’s quite a lot to like and a few minor things that I’d like to have been done differently.

    Getting my new account going was painless though a bit narked as I’ve just bought coffee and may have to miss out on the discount. Ah well, that’s life… well mine anyway πŸ™‚

  8. I hear you chris, this was much more we had to as the old one was no longer supported and could become vulnerable, than a cosmetic change. also the back office stuff was getting desperate for us too, we were creaking at the seams.

    I hope you grow to love it

  9. Steve,
    Sent you a separate email with re the password issue. Hadn’t read the above before I sent it, sorry!
    Small stuff when compared to the Machacamarca story on your Audioboo, still listening to it as I write. Really sorry for the guys on the farm. I will definitely write the letter you asked for, I’d guess others would share my view too that maybe a financial contribution could be made? That is one fantastic coffee and I’ll miss it like mad. Anything to get it back in my cup will be worth the effort.

  10. No probs Kev, you have the invite yet ?

    Lupe from Machacamrca has gone quite on me with what to do next, but as soon as I hear from her, I’ll let you all know

  11. Can’t you import the order history into the new account? I rely on the order history to remind me what I’ve bought in the past, and what I’ve enjoyed, and a separate link to the old account doesn’t really do it for me I’m afraid.

  12. Afraid not as its a new platform, all the old ones stores at on your old log in though so you can go see

  13. Thanks Steve, got the invite and everything spot on now. The link back to the order history is easy enough, over time it will populate the new site so at most it’s only a temporary inconvenience and a minor one at that.

  14. Hi Steve,
    Nice improvement on your site. I wanted to ask you if you still intend to do business with European countries (ex. Romania). We are a bunch of people that frequently bought from you and we still do want to buy in near future. Yesterday I saw only Fedex shipping rates, today no shipping rates at all. We were very confortable with the previous rates (Royal mail ), coffee arrived in time… so everybody was happy. Pls let me know about your intentions. Thanks

  15. working on fixing the royal mail ones, fedex is being discontinued for Romania though

  16. This evolution is not good for me. I can’t order via Royal Mail.:(

  17. Let me know the country and I’ll see if I can fix it

  18. Hi Steve. Got account activated & used the discount code. Thanks for that. Can’t see my history & on completing the order, I didn’t see a tab or option once card details were entered to submit order?? I just hit enter & order went through.

  19. Hi Pascal

    History is stored else where (have a look in the invite for the link don’t want to post it everywhere), but you can log in with your old details to that back up site and your whole history will be there.

    Much more stream lined card system now, after feedback people wanted it stripped away

  20. Hi Steve

    Have been a loyal customer for more years than I can remember.

    Like the new site, but can’t help feel that there have been 2 adverse changes recently:
    1) Selection of coffees has greatly diminished,
    2) Prices seem to have jumped hugely (e.g. my last 2kg of green jailbreak was Β£18, now costs Β£27 – 50% increase!)

    Maybe I am missing something…

  21. Hi Piers

    Afraid we have been under pricing the greens for too long. the price hadn’t really changed in 7 years. For this I am sorry I should have been eacking it up, as our costs have been rising.

    coffees we have 55 coffees from 13 countries, i think more than anyone else in the UK.

  22. Thanks Steve

    I understand the point about pricing – you’ve got to decide the price point that makes business sense for you. Tough to swallow for some in these hard times though.

    Still love your coffees, but miss the old brown java I used to get from you!

  23. Oh no,

    The RSS feeds have gone πŸ™

    Please tell me they’ll be back??

    Also, an Android app is well overdue!!

    Keep up the great work – I love what you guys do

  24. Fraid so with the RSS, will see what we can do

    Droid App will be released imminently

    And work yes we will try.

  25. Got the e-mail, one click, enter password twice, Done. Very easy to migrate account, good job by your clever friends Steve.


  26. Hi Steve,
    for me the Royal mail is also not available. I wanted to order today to get the discount but fedex is too expensive.

    Btw, I miss the sorting you could do on the old site (age, popularity, price).

  27. Hi Martin

    Royal mail is still available but only up to 2kg (this was the same with the old site)

    Fedex rates have actually dropped across the board too.

    The site change was a necessity more than cosmetic because of potential security issues in the future with it becoming unsupported

    Really sorry

  28. Are there plans to copy across the old reviews, or is the plan to start from a clean slate?


    p.s. Haven’t received “password” email yet, so created a new account before noticing the blog – hope it doesn’t cause you any migration issues!

  29. Hi Rufus afraid no with the reviews, couldn’t move them πŸ™ And the new account is perfect

  30. Hi Steve,

    Just to let you know I had no problems using the link you emailed out last week.
    I see the new site is dramatically different from the old webpage design. I guess it will take some getting used to. My first impression was that it felt like I was browsing through the website of the Red Cross. Red boxes on white, blood and bandages etc.
    No matter, “I’m only here for the coffee”. I use the site once every 2 months for ~10 minutes, so it certainly hasn’t dissuaded me from future purchases.

  31. Hi Steve, please let us sort by price again, I find it very frustrating that you’ve lost some functionality with the site redesign…



  32. thats still possible with the pricing groups

  33. I don’t see an option to sort by price. please correct me if I’m wrong…

    What I used to do was select the Americas coffees and then sort by price.

  34. Requires a slightly different way of doing it but in the coffee menu you have the countries and to the right of it you have Β£4-Β£6 Β£6-8 etc so you can see the price bands.

  35. Hmm, I prefer the old way.

    Also, any chance of a decaff link? Searching for decaff doesn’t work any more.

  36. Afraid thats evolution πŸ™‚ This cart software behaves slightly differently thats all. Everything changes πŸ™

    Decaf link here

  37. Ahh, I was searching for decaff not decaf !

    Fortunately you have the best coffee so I’ll grit my teeth and place another order !

  38. I promise you will grow to love this one more than the old one !!

  39. Bearwood Steven 3 October, 2012 at 1:08 pm

    Trying to order only to find no ‘link’ email. Have checked junk folder. Nothing. Please send (another) ‘link email’.

  40. Really don’t like the new website. It’s not as visually easy & doesn’t look as elegant. For a customer it’s quite off-putting. πŸ™

  41. Sorry you don’t like it, the majority of feedback has been great and people like it πŸ™ Guess you cant please everyone

  42. Hi, can’t find where to change my password. Help!? πŸ™‚

  43. Hi Steve

    I see you said Royal Mail was only available up to 2kg but I seem to only have that option up to 1.75kg or seven bags.

    2kg puts me in the FedEx class to Dublin.

    Bit of a difference from Β£13 to Β£27.27 for a bag of coffee.

    Even if it’s lovely coffee πŸ™‚

  44. Hi Declan

    Afraid thats what fedex and royal mail charge us, we were losing money on it for a while and I didn’t know.

    I’m trying to work something out with fedex to get rates better if we can. I’m waiting for them to come back to me

  45. Hi Steve,

    Any chance you can re-send the e-mail to invite me to the new site. I checked my Spam folder, but since it was nearly 3 months ago, I think they’ve been auto-deleted (Google hosted mail).

    Also, I guess not following the invire info would prevent a Password reset on the new site!


  46. Hello,

    Can you re-send the email invite to me, too, please?

    I don’t remember ever seeing it; but my old PC packed in a couple of months back and it may have got lost during the fallout of that.

    Thanks in advance,

  47. Great coffee…. but now easier to get elsewhere, sorry Steve I think you dropped the ball on this… no email can’t log can’t buy from you anymore πŸ™

  48. Hi Peter

    you don’t have to even be logged in you can do as guest account, I can re send the invite if needed, or can even set it up for you.

    Sorry you feel I dropped the ball, but we had no choice it was this or leave all your data and transactions open as the old cart was no longer supported. Not sure what I should have done differently

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