Hario Vac Pot and Bloom's

We have has a big delivery today from Japan. We’ve taken a pallet from the Hario Glass company of Hario vac pots and Hario Blooms. Both of these brewing methods are very cool, cheap and easy to use and are very welcome additions to the has bean range.

Hario Bloom brewer (ref HARIO2)

The bloom is easy. You put coffee in the little sock, place it over the top of the glass pot, and pour water through the sock. What does it give you? A unique brew method that is clean and very easy to use. A unique fusion of the two methods, and great value for money. Available in two or three cups sizes.

2 cup CDB-2 360ml £9.99
3 cup CDB-3 480ml £10.99

Hario Vacuum Pots (ref HARIO1)

Here we are pleased to have the famous Hario brewers now in stock. With no UK distributor we had to arrange to have this shipped direct from Japan (which is no easy thing to do). So why? Well first of all they represent great value for money, which I’m sure you will agree. But not just that they are quality brewers which produce great Vac pot coffee.

So why Vac pot? It’s not convenient its old fashioned but it produces a very clean cup of coffee thats the choice of many a coffee aficionado The vacuum principle ensures the coffee is automatically infused at the correct temperature and does not boil. It also means the coffee doesn’t become over extracted unlike some other methods of brewing. If you don’t have a Vac pot in your brewing collection here’s your chance. With burner, stand and pot all part of this kit.

Available in 3 and 5 cup models

3 Cup dimensions W165·D115·H290 £45.99
5 Cup dimensions W175·D130·H305 £48.10

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  1. Hi, I’d like to find out if you still have a Hario Vacpot in stock, and if I can buy one from you?

    I’m based in London and would be grateful if you can let me know.


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