Hangover Cure and Guest Espresso

An idea I had a while back suddenly came back to me just before christmas.

We do lots of work blending here. Lots of blends that are a little bit edgy and challenging, and normally wouldn’t see the light of day on the website with fear of shock and upsetting the masses. Tasty and delicious and amazing, but different and challenging and a little out there.

Not ones to be scared here at Has Bean Towers we have decided to share these with you as we find them on a month by month basis. At the beginning of the each month we will release a limited number (this month its just 1000 bags) of the new blend. Limited edition labels will be on the limited edition bags all numbered with your unique bag number, and while we are at it we will have a little bit of fun too with videos and maybe some surprises.

You can take your chances and buy these one by one, or you can sign up this month only for the entire block of them, delivered to your door, sent out the day before release on the website. Once the first release is sold out this subscription will come down and you will not be able to guarantee the next batch releases, this is the only way.

We do plan to do some much smaller runs of these for one or two of the blends because of the amounts of the coffees we can actually get, so there may be months where subscribers only get them or a VERY limited amount make it to the site for sale.

Non of these will be an In My Mug subscription, so if your looking to add a little something interesting to your subscription already, then this is your moment.

We have decided to name them with equally appropriate stupidness, so with that in mind I present to you this months offering called Hangover Cure

A sure fire way to remedy those Christmas and new years blues, after all the over indulgence this is the perfect pick me up tonic to blow away the cobwebs of returning to work and motivating yourself to get to the gym to loose that Christmas podge.

Dr Leighton prescribes many espresso shots to be taken many times a day.

In the espresso, this is full on punch in the face, with a bunch of flowers to say sorry for the devastation. Ying and yang have a pub brawl in your mouth. Floral, lemony and a whole heap of funk.

60% Ethiopia Wote Natural

30% Bolivia Finca Inquisivi Senora Bherta De Miranda

10% Nicaraguan Mama mina washed

You can buy the blend here

And the Subscription here

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  1. Darren Sandford 4 January, 2013 at 5:02 pm

    Ordered! I can’t resist a subscription, and what good is coffee if it’s not interesting, and these sound -really- interesting!

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