Gutted why do you hate us :(

Ok I’m disappointed. I did the video for tamper tantrum before going to Brazil Like two days before going to Brazil. I gave up sleep I gave up time and I didn’t have any time to spare, I wasn’t able to plan as well as I wanted to for the trip and forgot to take some important stuff.

I don’t mind, I don’t mind at all, but whats happened as I wasn’t able to shout about it, and me and Colin have not done a good job of promoting it. The bad news is so few watched it, that is embarrassing. Our lowest ever viewership on Vimeo, luckily itunes stormed through as always but vimeo viewers where are you ?

Now I’ll do it forever, but Colin is so vein that if you stop watching he will stop doing it so you must watch.So a blog post here, please watch / listen to it, I’m really proud of it as I think its a great video, one of our best, certainly the most fluid and comfortable.

Tamper Tantrum Episode the 6th from Stephen Leighton

I did some fancy (ok I put some music to photos nothing fancy) to the end credits. If you don’t get there here they are. I am most pleased with my music choice.

Tamper Tantrum End Titles from Stephen Leighton

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  1. Create an RSS feed announcing these, as you do for InMyMug, and I’ll watch them.

    I don’t check Vimeo, or anywhere else, on the off-chance.

  2. The previous one must have scared all your viewers off 😀

  3. I watched about half of the first TT and found it interesting but they are just too long for me. The in my mugs are about the right length usually.

    We love you really and keep up the good work!

  4. You need to be able to chapter search on the Vids…

  5. I’ve never got round to watching them yet. Don’t worry I’ll make the time to watch them. As suggested by Roland, set up an RSS feed 🙂

  6. I love watching TT, I also commented on your TT website about the latest episode. Definitely your best TT yet.

    I have an RSS feed set up for TT……….

    Is that what you wanted?


  7. Hi Steve,

    I like TT but I have stopped downloading them from iTunes because they are just too long. On my iPod touch, the scroll bar is too short to sensibly scroll through a bit I’m not interested in to get to the next subject.

    Maybe you could do an enhanced TT podcast (ie with sections) then I might be able to watch again.



  8. Will look into chapters on vimeo, it must be possible. I’m thinking keeping the video on on tamper tantrum ( ) and here, but the itunes turning into an audio one as it has to be easier for people to download and carry around. Will talk to the giant like one about it all.

  9. Does this answer your question taken from the vimeo site:

    Can I create chapters for different parts of my video?

    Kind of. We have a timestamp feature that allows you to link to different times in a video from the description. To timestamp a video, put the specific time of the video you would like to link to. For example, writing 2:32 in the description, will send a viewer to the 2 minute, 32 second mark after the video loads. You may add as many timestamps as you so please.

  10. Can’t wait for the 24 hour Christmas special!

    In all seriousness, enjoying these videos. Find them informative and entertaining!

  11. Please don’t turn the iTunes feed into audio only.

    Probably 90% of the time I watch your stuff (TT & IMM) on my iPhone when I’m taking a flight as it’s often the only time I’ll get to do it. Watching them on Vimeo isn’t really an option for me and if the iTunes feed of TT was to go audio only then I’d be unsubscribing.

  12. Then I’ll leave alone and get a stand alone audio version useful feedback Paul thank you

  13. How would that be achieved? By isolating the audio track?

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