Guatemala El Bosque Amatitlan Red and Yellow Bourbon 2009-2010 Crop Special Pack

Back in January,I went to El Bosque in Guatemala a farm I like very much. I like the people very much and have absolutely love the coffee for a number of years (before it became famous).

Part of the reason for the trip to El Bosque was to talk to the flores brothers and with our importer about exclusively getting the bourbon from them (we are the only place you can get this award winning coffee from in 100% bourbon).

This was very easily done and then we went to the farm to see how things were developing. The ever amazing and fantastic host that is Francisco agreed to do a video with us amongst the plants and talk about the farm and what they do.

In My Mug El Bosque special from Stephen Leighton

Whilst amongst the coffee, I asked Francisco what happened to the red and yellow I could see around me. Francisco said that they just blended them together, which set the cogs going. So we arranged for them to be separated this year, red and yellow bourbon.

Something somewhere got lost and it wasn’t separated as it should and we only got 24kg of yellow bourbon compared to over three thousand kg of the Red (I’d guess it should have been much closer to 20% yellow 80% red) But were lucky that we do have a tiny bit of the yellow. I did a side by side comparison for in my mug.

Episode 35 on Monday the 13th of July 2009 Red and Yellow Guatemala El Bosque from Stephen Leighton

Because of the small ammounts we have, were going to do this on a limited release so we can share it through everyone that wants to try it. So the first release is today until the end of the week. then It will disappear until later in the year. You can buy it here.

Let me know what your thoughts on these two amazing coffees are.

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  1. Argh!
    A few short hours after I place an order this turns up…

    *must… resist…*

  2. Wont be here for long πŸ˜‰

    Could be a missed opportunity.

  3. The yellow is gorgeous, still got some left that I stole from an inmymug subscriber πŸ˜€

  4. Ok.. you win!

    Other half will kill me.. if she can catch me after all the caffeine. πŸ˜‰

  5. As you might guess, I LOVE the farm visit video — I know how busy those trips must be, but I hope you shoot some episodes at every farm you go to. The connection between the consumer and the cup, the farmer, and the farm and land itself is just a fantastic natural progression.

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