Guatemala Day 1 (kind of)

So I’m here in Beautiful Guatemala, I arive at the hotel around 24 hours after leaveing home the previous day, but with time zones and alike my body doesn’t know if its coming or going.

My advice if you are ever visiting central / south America is don’t go through Newark or Houston in particular, Chaos is the only work I can use to describe both of them. Every time I go through US border control it gets a little hard, slower and more hassle. I believe there will come a time where no one can enter the country, kind of understand why, but I was in transit and having to collect my mugage and re check in bizarre!

Any way the coffee the coffee. Not much to tell you as all I’ve done is slept, but this morning we are off to Esquipulas of which I know little about but hope to telll you more later

But as a first off the view I woke up to this morning, its not a bad life.

Hotel View

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  1. Looks very nice but lets hope that your back holds up whilst you are away….
    The view and weather here in Hasbean land is pretty grim……Oh woe is me.

  2. You survived 24 hours without a proper cup of coffee, well done. With all the coffee waiting for you out there it can only get better… 😉

  3. how’s it going, steve? having a great time? what’s the weather like?

  4. Sarah I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry but I’m sure things much be much easier without me there.

    Peter it was tough but I’m catching up as quickly as I can, but it amazes me how much bad coffee they drink at origin, all the good stuff tends to be exported.

    Aaron its been cold and rainy all day today but with this sunburn its a good thing 🙂

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