Glastonbury 2009

Keep with me on this one it is a coffee post. Last weekend I went to Glastonbury Music festival held in the south west of England over three days that is as famous for the mud as it is the music.

Glastonbury 2009

I went along to work, to go back to my first real interaction with coffee and become a barista again. Most people don’t know, but we used to own a coffee shop in stafford, here we used to serve coffee sandwiches etc. This was/is my roots in coffee. I knew so little then but I was a bar barista and I think I can always have it on my CV.

On saying this I wasn’t such a good bar barista and many many roasts have passed under the bridge since then, so to say I was a little out of practice would be accurate.

Things I learnt about my Barista skills were

1. I really enjoy pulling espresso, its a strange routine I got into but it was fun and I liked it a lot.

2. I cant do latte Art. I did some great texturing but my art sucks and blows all at the same time.

3. I enjoy running bar when your customers are the headline acts at the Pyramid stage, this does make it much more fun.

4. I like working bar with great fellow baristas, this makes it so much easier.

We managed to chew through around 22kg of coffee in three days on our stand and lots and lots of milk. We actually ran out but luckily on our customers was on site also serving coffee so Sam helped us out

Glastonbury 2009

I would have some photographic evidence of me working but because we were back stage (pyramid stage) we were not allowed to take any photos but you can see my in my mug I recorded here

Episode 33 on Monday the 29th of June 2009 Brazil Fazenda Lagoa Natural from Stephen Leighton

I also found a new way to insult me, just ask me for a decaf soy chai latte extra hot.

Big thank you to Joe from Ristretto who’s gig it was, thanks pal for the invite and the chance to remind myself I should stick to roasting. Also thanks to Jamie, Chris, Loz and David for putting up with my rubbish skills.

Glastonbury 2009

Glastonbury 2009

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  1. So tell us! Which bands did you make coffee for? Sounds fun

  2. There were loads we made coffee for, Blur, The Specials, Madness, Spinal Tap the list could go on and on.

    Madness were the ones I got all star struck with, which is crazy, but they were good fun, as were the Specials who were real gentlemen and really appreciative.

    Great fun and a great experience

  3. I am so jealous it hurts!!!

    Glastonbury is in my top five fav things of all time! To be able to meet all those music gods… You lucky lucky…

    Anyway, are you supplying coffee to any of the stands this year? If so i will be there at least once a day!

    i have just signed up to the site and deciding what coffee to buy!



  4. Not sure if we are this year, I know I wont be there as its World Barista championship weekend šŸ™

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