Gethumbwini and Honduras

We have been asked every week for over 5 months now when is the Kenya Gethumbwini returning. The fantastic Kenyan of last year, has been disappointing this. Kenya has been hit by droughts this year and this has affected all of the coffee crop, and some places hit more so than others. It would be easy to stock Gethumbwini, but it just isn’t good enough and we won’t stock anything on name alone. So we keep searching for a replacement, and we keep cupping samples hoping things will improve.

Today has been the cup of excellence for Honduras. Last year we missed out on Honduras as we never received samples, so not knowing what they were like meant we decided to leave that auction. This year we have received samples and cupped these coffees extensively. We decided to go for lot 26. Not because we are cheap 🙂 But we cupped 1-10 and enjoyed number one very much but the others were ok but not enough to excite me. We then went 11-20 and I didn’t find anything I really loved. Then 21 to 33 there were some real gems. Quite often in these auctions you look further down and you find great coffee. Number 26 was a wow coffee for me and we secured it. Keep your eyes peeled for it arriving, I can’t wait. In the cup its going to be a great espresso coffee (really great as I sit sipping a SO shot now). It reminds me of a great Sumatra blended with a quality Brazilian. This is Spicy, smooth with a fruit twist of summer fruits. You wait 🙂

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