Football and Coffee

I have two loves in life, coffee and football. They are both very time consuming and both very rewarding for me. This year my team Sunderland have had a great season finishing top of the championship and now into the premier league next season.

My coffee has also had a good year with some stunning coffees my trip to Guatemala and getting voted onto the board of directors for Cup of excellence. So yes I’m feeling quite happy this year that all is very rosey in my Garden I’m very lucky and I tell myself this every day. That’s not to say its forever and we need to keep working hard (as do Sunderland) but I’m a happy boy.

The final act in my football season is the chance to play 90 minutes at Sunderland’s stadium (The Stadium of Light). Earlier this year I won a Charity Auction to play a game there. Now I retired from football a few years ago mainly because I was rubbish, but this seems like one good reason to dust of my boots for one more game.

The Stadium of Light

The set up of the game is 10 vs 10 of people who won there chosen position at the auction. The other position is taken by the team captain that’s an ex professional. My favourite position is right midfield. This is the position I won, good new you would think. Well the professional on the team we are playing is in the left back position and is going to be marking me the whole game. His name Gary Bennett, and a hero of mine from the late eighties early nineties. So will I kick him? oh my no one of the hard men of the game, will I be in awe for the first half yes 100%, should he watch out the second half, you bet. Will this be an awesome experience that will be very special for me oh yes.

The managers are again ex professionals and my manager is Gordon Armstrong again another from my formative football years when I first started to follow them around the country, and this will be incredibly special too.

Inside the Stadium

Why am I telling you all this, well this blog is meant to be more than a vehicle for Has Bean its somewhere for me to share my thoughts and feelings, and for me to vent. But also we will be closed for the first time in 12 months on Friday for one day. So orders placed after 1 pm on Thursday will not go out until Monday. I hope you don’t mind and I hope you understand what a special day this will be for me. Of course I’ll share the photos on my Flickr account after the day, and thank you for understanding.

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful experience. Here’s to that you don’t get sustituted at half time and that the weekend will be sufficient time for you to heal your sore muscles and bruised shins.


  2. Hey I paid for a whole 90 mins they will have to drag me off 🙂

    Healing time could be a problem I’m not as young as I used to be

  3. Crikey ….. somebody call a vet …. well someone mentioned an old carthorse didn’t they? 😉

    Have a fab day mate 🙂

  4. Hmmm, think it’s gonna take more than oranges at half time 😉
    Enjoy yourself mate!

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