First Day in El Salvador

So I arrived at 7pm last nigh in San Salvador. The first thing I noticed was how far the airport was from the city, a good 20 odd miles I think which I wasn’t expecting as in the past most countries I have visited have the airports right in the city (or at least closer).

I arrived in time to throw some clothes on (I did already have some on but they had been on me for a while) quick shower and arrived just in time for the presentation evening for the Cup of Excellence

It was great to catch up with lots of friends from the international jury and also the guys from La Fany and from El Bourbollon, but it was great to finally meet Ernesto from Alaska (the cup of excellence coffee we bought last year).

The great news was I saw him just as he was being presented with the number one spot in this years competition for his other farm.

Me and Ernesto from Alaska

I’m so pleased for him and pleased he being rewarded for a second year for producing great coffee.

I was also stoked to meet Aida Batlle who has done so much with her farms to raise the profile of El Salvador Coffee

The Famous Aida Batlle and not so famous me :)

Unfortunately I missed my friend Grant doing his speak to the presentation evening, but I’m told it went without a hitch (shame really 🙂 ).

So today I’m stuck to go on a farm tour or try and get some sleep. Sleep doesn’t seem to be my friend at the moment, but with so much English football on the TV (currently watching Chelsea vs Manchester United Live).

More to come

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  1. great stuff!

    If you could convince Aida Batlle to sell her coffee…. oh I don’t know, exclusively to you – also the grand reserve – now that would be great! 😀 (seems that it never makes it across the pond… 🙁 )

  2. Alaska, Siberia, Los Alpes, Croatia, Noruega, Suissa, Himalayas, Everest – anyone see a farm name theme here?!

    Good to see that you have arrived safely,Steve. Shame about missing the gospel from Grant, but you have probably heard it before!

    Good news about Ernesto winning with his other farm.

    Say hi to everyone – hope that you enjoy.

  3. Good to see you arrived ok mate! Look forward to the next report!

  4. Hey Steve

    Glad you made it!! Hope you’re having a great experience, and I remain very jealous!


  5. Nice to see you in and amongst it already Stevie!

    knee deep in great coffee and beautiful women, you still want us to think you suffer for your art ?? its starting to wear a bit thin now that old saying !!

  6. Just remember to keep wearing the sun block pale face……Just think this time next week you will be working again…..Gotta go coffee to roast and staff to allow to run wild…..

    The other half of the partnership working in the roastery….

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