Finca Argentina Update 2018

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So I’ve been back just over a week, and thought it was a good time to go through my Central America trip. The trip was lots of fun (if not a little ruined by KLM losing my luggage that they still cant find. Traveling for two weeks without any of your belongings is challenging and not so much fun. My advice if you travel and value your luggage dont fly KLM.

Anyway bitterness out the way I thought I would take this opportunity to give you an update and share some of my photos of my trip. The first stop on the trip is Finca Argentina









Ale has become a super close friend, and a very important partner for us in El Salvador. He has also become a barometer for whats happening in the country. Finca Argentina back in the day was producing 700-800 bags at its peak. Admittedly this was commercial production, not necessarily looking for quality, looking for yield. But in recent years the harvest has been up and down, as high as 400 and as low as 80. This year its low and somewhere between 150 – 200 bags. Lots of this is down to leaf rust in the area, climate change (yes mr trump its real) and wind and replanting.









Last year San Jorge was looking tired and not very healthy, and n our visit Ale decided he was going to replant. So we fixed him up with some Yellow pacamara seed from our friends in Nicaragua and they have now been planted. The plot looks very exciting and I cant wait until 2022 for the first full harvest. We may have a small amount (like a kilo or two) to try this year from the varietal garden, but its a waiting game.









Part of the waiting game we have coming sooner is the SL 28 plants. A couple of years ago I managed to get my hands on some parchment from Kenya (I got it myself) and managed to get it to Ale to plant. This is a small plot, but we hope in th next could of years to have some to sell.









Lots of work has gone into the farm, more organising, more security, more replanting just generally more. I never like to praise Ale, but he has done a good job this year, and I hope in the coming years we can see that yield and cup quality grow some.

But while we wait, Ale has ideas and experiments and here is a video of a watering system he came up with for the yellow pacamara

I also asked for Ale to explain Whats a Petite ? As always he doesn’t follow the script, but its still interesting.

I took a load of photos as normal (around 2500 this whole trip) and picked out some of my favourites and uploaded them to Flickr, you can see them here

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