El Salvador Cup of Excellence

Today has been the El Salvador cup of Excellence. I love this auction its probably my favorite auction of them all. El Salvador have it all, great coffee perfect varietal mix (I love there bourbon) great people.

Last year we bought a great orange bourbon from a farm called Alaska which is owned by Ernesto. Ernesto has been a regular mention on this blog ever since, as we kept in touch via email and he sent me loads of pictures of the farm and the coffee as it progressed. On the latest trip I got to meet him at the awards evening and he was as lovely as I expected and genuinely a nice guy.

Ernesto an Me

He’s standing there with his winning certificate as Ernesto won this years competition with his other farm.

Now so often I dont think the number one is necessarily the best coffee, they are normally distinctive but not my favorite. But in this case on a blind table it was amazing and was head and shoulders above other coffees. So amazing I’ve called some friends to see if we could create a buying group. With the help of our importers who phoned some of there friends we were able to secure this amazing lot. This broke the record for El Salvador becoming the most expensive coffee from COE to leave those shores. Its also the highest price we have ever paid for a coffee, and its worth every penny. I hope when it arrives you think the same too.

In the cup I got Fruit Salad with pineapple and lovely citrus acidity. Complex aftertaste with a lovely buttery and velvet like mouth feel. I ran what I had left from the cupping through our Clover and was blown away. I just wish I had some more to run through the espresso machine.

On my trip to El Salvador I got chance to visit the great farm and you can see the pictures at the link here

And my favorite picture from that set here.

Ernesto and me again

A great day for Has Bean its days like today that make me realize what a great job I have being able to secure these wonderful coffees. So pleased.

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  1. Ernesto (El Salvador) 6 June, 2008 at 5:44 am

    Guaoooo…! , I do not have words to express my feelings, without doubt today has been one of the happiest days and exciting of my life, I want say you “Tahk you, Thank you, Thank you Steve” and to all the group of buyers for the extraordinary work and effort made today by me coffee, I am very, very happy to see you name in the group of buyers, you now this auction was very special became a true celebration between all the producers, with the live camera, all the people dancing, jumping, deluded with you bid up guaoooo… it was an incredible experience, I want to congratulations and gratefulness on Myself, my family and all the workers of the La Ilusión Farm to have been you the winners of my coffee, today was an incredible and unforgettable for me.


  2. WOW thank you Ernesto, I too was jumping up and down when finally won the auction, a great day for us both I think. I cant belive you read here too thats amazing. Can’t wait now to get the coffee.

  3. Big congratulations guys! Good work!
    Is there any way I can pre-order some beans Steve? 🙂

  4. Pre order I like the idea maybe. We should have plenty as we have a fair chunk of this lot. We were joint highest quantity out of the group.

    Maybe a midnight launch or a VIP list for first try 🙂 Maybe even an open day to launch it and cup it now that could work.

  5. Back at you Steve, I loved number 1, but I also knew that I wasn’t going to buy it as I have spent too much cash on other coffees this year. Its even better when you have a picture of you standing by the grower. Its the perfect story.

  6. espressoSquirrel 7 June, 2008 at 9:30 am

    I can’t wait to try this, everything i have tried so far from el Salvador has been amazing, when do you think it will arrive?

    i would pre-order

  7. I’ll have to get something sorted on pre order I think, your right espresso Squirrel El Salvador has some lovely coffees.

    Thanks Poul I know what you are saying about auction season its a crazy financing time.

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