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The penultimate auction of this season, and there was more fun to be had. Very happy with the coffee we have secured in a group grown by Juan José Ernesto Menéndez Arguello from Finca Alaska. On the cupping table it shone above everything else. I took a few photos today (not sure why but I’ve got a new camera you know) take a look at this link

I’ve said so much about these auctions of late I’m sure you are getting bored of it all, me I love it a chance to get some exceptional coffees I’d have an auction every week but it will be good to have a week off.

Tomorrow I’m going a to cinema screening of the film Black Gold. I’ve seen the film on DVD but not on the big screen so should be fun. There is also a question and answer session afterwards by the makers, I’m never one to miss an opportunity or shy away from debate. I’ll fill you in on what happens and try and get some pictures too.

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  1. Congratulations, Steve! I’m happy for you (and for me as well)! Can’t wait to cup it…



  2. Hi Steve,
    Greetings from the sunny El Salvador… actually it is raining a little bit but who cares! we are thrilled about the auction results and the coffee you got is killer!
    that combo of orange and red bourbon rocks! and “Neto” the owner is a great guy, solid cupper as well…. hope you come soon steve!

    best regards,


  3. PS: You will never bore us talking about exceptional coffees Steve!!!..that’s why we read your blog sir!

  4. Hi Walter

    Great news that you were able to get involved on this one a Stella coffee for sure as luis says.

    Luis your too kind my friend too kind. If you are able to pass a message onto Neto for me just thanking him for his hard work and giving me the opportunity to share this coffee with my customers, we are really thrilled.

    And in regards to coming soon, lets hope plans come together next year to visit I really hope they do.

  5. Are that actually icecreamspoons you use for cupping steve?

  6. I use them to clean the cups after breaking Lukas there really good for that.

  7. Alright, makes perfect sense 🙂

  8. Hi Steve!
    Sure i will pass your message to Neto! take care and cup safe!

    PS: had to get some of those spoons for the coffee school!!!

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