El Bosque T Shirts

After being inspired a while back by Tom’s T Shirts (see earlier post), I decided it might be good to get some Has Bean Ones. We have been asked a few times, and we have seen these places that can do them as one off’s but I wanted first to have some stock, but also to have great quality.

These two things are hard to find, but we have found it with these ones tshirt.jpeg

At £9.99 they are not cheap, but small runs and once they are gone they are gone. We hope to have a few more as time goes on but this being the first I’m sure it will be a collectors edition. Take a look here

Kind of good timing with El Bosque featuring in two of the top three blends in the world barista championships, with us supplying the El Bosque for Liesbeth Sleijster from the Netherlands.

But for me its because I love this coffee and this has been in the pipeline for a long while. Take a look at when I visited El Bosque last year and the photos here

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  1. Looking great Steve!

  2. Yay 😉 😛

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