Drop the “breakfast” Bomb

A new blend launch and a new video, and also this weeks in my mug. Very pleased with this one A very very long time ago (2003) we came up with the idea of roasting coffee, and selling it online. A very important part of selling coffee on line at that time (and still very much today) was to have a range of blends. One of the blends we felt we needed was a breakfast high caffeine unsubtle, in your face,big old blend. Not a sipping coffee but a big huge gulper.

Fast forward 8 years and this coffee has remained a very important part of our line up, called Breakfast Bomb, It remains a popular blend but very little has changed with it over those 8 years, breakfast bomb has stayed the same. So it was time to revamp it and bring it up to a modern day standard we can be proud and happy with as we are all the other blends.

So what the idea of Breakfast Bomb (as if I have to say, the names gives it away a little). Its a big bold, in your face, unsubtle wake up blend. It works well in espresso or filter (for my tastes) and is a pick me up. The blend for many years consisted of 80% sumatra and 20% robusta, that was it. We swapped the robusta as we went along for the very best one we had at that time but it stayed pretty much the same.

There is a reason that it has not changed, it kind of works, Indo’s I tend to find have a far bigger effect on me personally with caffeine and the robusta give it more of a kick. Its a balancing act with that robusta to get the effect but not the taste.

So why change it? Its a bit of a sledge hammer without real deliciousness, as the robusta does change the sumatra quite a bit. But because of the huge tastes going on its really tough to change as no shrinking violets are allowed

So the new blend still consists of Sumatra Raja Batak, the Sumatra we have ben working with for a while, and for me is the best sumatra I think we have ever had. Its a dream to blend with, big body without any of the dirt. The next component is the Ethiopian Shakiso Natural one of our special finds of this year, a huge natural. For the final component we keep the robusta, but not any old robusta. We use 20% Indian Kapi Royal Robusta and we went to a huge amount of trouble to find this one. When we sourced this one we spent a lot of time and effort finding one that was the best robusta we have ever tasted, grown at 2100 mtr above sea level hand picked pulped natural process and lots of time taken in the preparation. Is it delicious on its own ? No is the simple answer. But what it brings to the blend is a caffeine kick that only Robusta’s have, it brings a chunk of body, but because its 20% it doesn’t bring any of that rubbery robusta taste along.

So this is our modern day take on an old classic, in the cup its Overtly Big, Huge mouthfeel,Lairy and Full of Caffeine

50 % Sumatra Raja Batak
30 % Ethiopian Shakiso
20 % Indian Kaapi Royal Pulp Nautral Robusta

You can buy it here

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