Direct Trade and what it means to Has Bean

So I keep throwing this term around direct trade, and not really quantifying what it means to us.

In fact as an industry we say this term a lot, when it means many different things to many different people. So as an initiative for this year we will be making it a little clearer, with a video and at the end of the year compiling a report with the prices of these coffees we call “Direct Trade” (a stollen idea from the wonderful people at Counter Culture in the USA). It wont be comprehensive as in every coffee we stock (last year this ran into hundreds) but where we are able to we will give as much information as we can.

All the bags under this banner will have a little sticker on like below

To launch this we have released a video explaining the whole process and a website, and we will continue to develop the idea over the year. If you have any thoughts about the kind of thing you would like to see in this type of report then let us know.

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