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Those who know me well know that in my life I have two passions. One is my love for fine coffee and my passion for Specialty coffee, and the other my love for football (all people fom the US please read this as the real football not your version of rugby 😉 )

I’m a Sunderland fan, and of late we have not been doing to well, but yesterday a friend (and competitor in the coffee world) invited both my son and I to watch Sunderland against his beloved Derby County. Two big clubs who have dropped to positions that their support does not deserve.

Paul very kindly bought us the tickets, but made me sit in the Derby end, which was torture. Well I promised Paul in a kind of bet that if we won they I would give him a mention on my blog, so I am. His site is pure beans ( ) and he’s got some cool stuff if you ignore the vending machines 😉

Top man Paul thanks for the day

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  1. Steve, it was indeed a great day. I’m just pleased that I managed to persuade the Derby team to throw the game just to get me a mention on the hasblog !

  2. Just how many games are Derby throwing to get you some publicity then Paul?

    You must be doing pretty well so far this season…

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