Day Three Ethiopia Trip the road to yirgacheffe

OK well todays update is going to be spread over a few mediums. We have videos, we have text we have audio and we have photos, I spoil you you 🙂

So to wrap up day 2 I did this audioboo

Ethiopia coffee trip day 2 for real (mp3)

Moving on from scary flights, Day three was time to go to Yirgacheffe. Somewhere I have wanted to visit since first got into coffee. But before that another early start (out on the road by 6am) and time for a huge journey to the Yirgacheffe region, one of the most famous I guess for coffee. We set off from Addis on one of the best roads I think I have seen on my travels, very well maintained, lots to see and very sceinc. Instead of boring you with this I decided that I would do a little video clip entitled the road to Yirgacheffe. Nine and a half hours and over 400km on some fairly rough roads

So a mammoth journey but worth every little bit. Yirgacheffe was just a name for me for so long, A name that has been with me since my first ever coffee order, snd a town steeped in mystery. We visited a local wet mill to see the ladies of the area, sorting the drying coffee on raised beds. Not the best sound in the world but I also created a little video clip for this.

WE then retired to the hotel to wait until the sun had gone in for one of the most amazing experiences of my life the mill was in darkeness with small lights dotted around the area. A team of around 15 guys moving coffee through the washing process. I feel the need for aother video here, but this will come when I have better editing opportunities

The washing here in africa and in particular this regioj is quite different to what most do. They submerge under water for 36-48 hours, then take it through another “wash”of 9 – 16 hours. In comparrison in Brazil or El Salvador I’ve seen it done for as little as 6 hours with no second wash.

Some of the photos I got from this trip have been stunning and I’ll be shareing with you here

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