Day One Farm Visit to La Ilusion

First full day in El Salvador, and I’m pleased to report, I love the place as much as I thought I would. San Salvador is a lovely place, and its the safest I think I’ve ever felt in Central/ South america. Not that I dont feel safe in other places but both nights I’ve been here, I’ve walked through the town on my own without a worry.

This morning I had the option of sitting by the pool relaxing or going on a cup of excellence arranged trip to La ilusion the winning farm from the competition yesterday. As I said earlier we know Ernesto the winner and I’ve exchanged many emails with him so I jumped at the chance to go see one of his farms.

10 29

The farm was amazing, any one who tells you you have seen one you have seen them all is talking rubbish. It was great to see how the guys working for him looked after the land, and it was also good to see the trees in flower, the first time I’ve seen this on quite so many plants.

10 62

I also got to meet lots of the international jury from last week which was also great, so many names I’ve only read about so it was great to catch up with them all.

10 162

We then went onto the mill that is holding and will be processing all of the cup of excellence coffees this year. As a mill we have received previous lots from it was good to see it in action. Its also far and away the biggest mill I’ve ever seem, it was huge as you can see from the photos below.

10 138

One of the coolest thing I saw was a bag they had plastered logos all over. Our has bean cup was there (although they had coloured it blue) nice to know there is a little piece of Has Bean there.

10 109

Take a look at the full set here

Tomorrow the trip starts for real with a visit to one of my favorite coffees of all time. Finca La Fany has been (lol Has Bean) a staple for over five years. When we first started taking this coffee, it was no where as near popular as it has become. I know I’m going to be like a kid in a sweet shop, I must stop getting all gushy.

And the jokes, well I’ll leave all the fany jokes until tomorrow.

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