Day 2 Finca Siberia and Finca La Fany

This is the special day of the trip (ok I’m going to say that every day I guess but this really is).

We left the Sprawl of San Salvador for the tranquility of Santa Ana and surrounding area’s. Left behind are the plush 5 star hotels with there lovely beds and fast internet connections and into the heart land of some of the finest coffee in El Salvador.

The two farms we visits today (La Fany and Siberia) are both owned but the same people the Silva’s. Raffieale and Carmen are two of the most perfect hosts you could wish to meet as you will find out later. Siberia is a new coffee to us and over the past two years has done very well in the cup of excellence program (on friday it made it tot the auction at number 27). La Fany is a firm favorite and a major component in our espresso blend and in our range. This is probably our second most important coffee that we hold, and has become very much a staple so to see the place was a treat.

I’ve met both of them before, but to see them in there own environment and amongst the farms it was very special.

I will admit I do get a bit gushy around farmers, but Carmen has such a way about her I didn’t get over excited and girly, and both of them were so welcoming and friendly I felt completely at ease.

Siberia is based in Santa Ana and is one side of the mountain (see below)

El Salvador Siberia and La Fany 37El Salvador Siberia and La Fany 52
(on the other side of this mountain is La Fany)

The access to this place was shall we say tight and we had to do it all in 4 x 4 just to get there. It was a tight squeeze.

El Salvador Siberia and La Fany 17

We went to the house and drank fruit juice in an amazing environment with some fantastic food which was all very civilized. After the food everyone went a bit sleepy but the whole time I was “come on time to go, time to go see my farm 🙂 “.

So Reluctantly we set off from the comfort of the garden and took an all together much easier trip to la Fany. Around 20-30 mins from the house and easier access. The first thing that struck me when I arrived was how orderly it all was. I’ve seen quite a few farms now, and this was like a lovely extension of the garden we had been relaxing in. But this struck a cord to me. I like to work in a nice environment it makes the world a better place if you like the space you work in and I felt I could enjoy working there, as everyone seemed to.

El Salvador Siberia and La Fany 58

There was a climbing tree that just had to be climbed, and the naught boy in my did so (see below)

El Salvador Siberia and La Fany 89

On the way back I was able to take a quad bike instead of a 4 x 4 which was great fun something again I could do again and again. Then coffee watching the sun go down, its tough this coffee hunting 🙂

El Salvador Siberia and La Fany 96

As always lots (and lots) of photos take a look at them here . More to follow as soon as I get a better internet connection

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  1. Great photos and a top report of the day Steve! How is the HD cam?



  2. Quad Biking? “its not a holiday its work”.

    Glad the footy shirt doesnt clash with your hair too much 😉

  3. Hi Jon

    The HD cam is fine but I’m not a very good camera man. Most of the footage so far is not good.

    Paul the quad bike is its so tough to get up there, its transportation 🙂 You know like a van taking you to france and alike.

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