Cup of Excellence El Salvador 2006

Another day another Auction. This time it was El Salvador. I feel a very close bond to El Sal after being part of the buying group bringing the only number one Cup of Excellence to these shores last year, and using two of the coffees in the UK barista champions blend this year. I also am a big fan of the coffees from there.

After missing out in the Nicaragua auction I was determined (if not buoyed with a larger budget) to get what I wanted from this one. I cupped them all, and fell in love with number 19. I’m not sure why this happens but I have found myself looking further down the lots, and find really great lots. We won lot 19 which worked out to be the joint 9th highest priced coffee. Fantastic bright coffee that’s incredibly creamy with great acidity, and a top coffee. Against the whole table I gave it the second highest score (yes number one was the best coffee for me).

Interesting auction with number 2 costing more than number 1(its amazing what because I really wasn’t that keen on number 2 and LOVED number 1). Very well spread prices which I really like as it means all the farmers have a windfall.

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