Crop Dates

So in an in my mug I said I would explain what we mean by our crop dates. To explain it I’m going to use Brazil but any country will work the same.

At the moment we are selling 2008-2009 Brazil Cachoeria. The crop for Brazil is picked september to February (some times a little longer its a big country), but Brazil will call this 2007-2008 crop as thats when its been growing. But I think by telling you its 2007-2008 this would be confusing this time of year when we are still drinking the coffee as fresh crop.

so any dates on coffee means the time it will be in current crop so 2008-2009. Confused? I hope not but please drop me a mail if you need me to explain it any more. One thing to be sure of is that we will only sell current crop, and if we do go into a little bit of past crop, thats because the new crop hasn’t settled enough. thats why we see some times coffee going off the range for a little while so we don’t over order.

For instance I know the El Salvador’s wont last until the new season 100% and the Guatemalans are also looking like they might not. But this way we always keep it fresh.

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