Colombia Cup of Excellence 1st Harvest 2006

So I’m off to Colombia for a week as of today. My plan is to write a daily update (or at least every couple of days) to keep you posted what’s happening in the Colombian first harvest competition. I’m writing this from JFK airport in New York courtesy of an open wireless network from a kind (or stupid) airline.

Thing are still being dispatched as normal, with the help of friends and family and of course Sarah who’s running the good ship Has Bean this week. So if things a little later than or normal lightening speed be gentle, and if there quicker (which is most likely) don’t get used to it 🙂 .

Please still direct any questions or problems you have through me as I’ll be on line regularly through the day (and night), and will liaise with everyone at the roastery.

I’m also planning to add some photos as I get them to the gallery, so keep an eye out for them.

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