Colombia Cup of Excellence

Yesterday was the 3rd Colombian cup of Excellence auction. It was from the competition I went out to judge a few weeks ago. There we some very special coffee’s and we are very pleased to have secured the lions share of lot 20, grown by Bertha Cardozo de Ordoñez on the Paramito plantation.This is a rich coffee, that great fruit tones of blood orange and sweetness to match. I’m sitting here drinking the last of the sample I had thinking I cant wait to get my hands on it.

It was a competitive auction where we had hoped to have two lots, but unfortunately for us (and great news for the farmer) the price went to high for the others in my buying group. After all the hype over the Brazil auction number 1 reaching nearly , it was good to see that even though the winner only went for .05 (which is a huge amount of money) there was more money spread around the farmers. I hope Alistair (a member of the trade in Canada) doesn’t mind me using this but in the top 20 lots:

brazil totalled 6648 in 480 bags.
colombia totalled 9495 in 365 bags.

Which is great news for coffee. In the next six weeks there will be four, yes that’s right four auctions, and as always we will be trying to secure the best lots from these competitions, it’s a busy time. Also with Bern coming up (Bern this year is the host city for the annual Specialty Coffee Association of Europe conference), and the UK Barista Champion James Hoffman competing in the world Barista championships, we have much work ahead preparing for the trips auctions and James competition blend. The following week from this we will be doing our first ever trade exhibition. We will be in London’s Olympia for Caffe Culture, trying to spread the word of specialty coffee to the trade, so if you or any one you know is going along, pop on and see us, on stand A9.

So Roll on June, but I guess we will fill that up with something else

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