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Lots of you will know I’ve been sucked into the twitter world. At the time of writing I’ve posted over 6000 tweets with 1300 followers and a whole new circle of friends made through the social media revolution(corny).

So I’ve been asked for a while about twitter and who the people you should follow.

So I made one full of friends and hero’s in the industry (in many cases both) but I think it makes up a great list. Of course I didn’t include my wonderful self (j/k) but you can still follow me @hasbean or

This is in no way a comprehensive list and I may re visit it once this is thrown out there. Also feel free to use the comments to make suggestions for the folks I’ve missed. If I have missed you I am very sorry, please still like me and comment with your twitter name and link below. A twitter directory if you will.

So in no particular order

James Hoffmann

King of the coffee bloggers of course is going to be on Twitter. The 2007 world barista champion is as articulate as they come and as charismatic and delightful to boot.

Has a new trick of being a bit of a shock jock on occasions, but I prefer the nice James who lives there most of the time. Has a great knack of making you re think something you thought you already knew, some times with great effect, others confirming you ideas, but always interesting.

Mark Prince

The head geek of, Mark isn’t afraid of saying something controversial or shocking, and is always ready for a fight. But his insightful view of the coffee market in Canada and the US is fascinating and thought provoking. You should follow Mark, as I’ve warmed so much more since I’ve seen the personal side of him.

Mark is the godfather of the coffeeforum, and no one has done more for the specialty coffee industry across the world who doesn’t actually work in coffee.

David Walsh

Top home barista and now the Irish cupping champion, David was @dublinbarista mentor / coach at the World Barista championships in Atlanta where Colin finished 4th.

David is insightful, knowledgeable and quite often to the point. Not one of his 140 characters are wasted, and fools are not suffered. But an amazing guy just take a look at his blog to see what I mean.

Colin Harmon

OK, OK disclaimer that Colin is my friend, but even if he wasn’t he would still make this list. Colin came from no where to 4th in the 2009 world barista championships, and since then has been very loud and has certainly arrived. My co host on Tamper Tantrum he has spent the past 6 months since winning the Irish Barista championships touring the world growing his knowledge, Most people follow him just to know where he is in the world at any one time. Now he has the shop I hope he continues to use both accounts

Ben Helfen

Ben is a Barista trainer in Atlanta at the world famous Octane. Winner if the 2008 Millrock Latte Art Competition, and all round VERY nice man. Ben virtually arranged the after show parties single handily in SCAA and WBC Atlanta 2009, and made the experience very special for many people.

Ben’s twitters are also a great insight to the man, but also insightful to the world of coffee, if Ben doesn’t know them they are not worth knowing. We can even let him off for being an Arsenal fan.

Mike White

Mike White of Gimmie coffee New york (NYC regional manager). Mikes been a prolific blogger for a number of years, and is again in the middle of the coffee world, some of the best Re Tweets in the business. Very US based but a great way to keep up with whats going on over the pond, also one of the best ever Barista Magazine front covers 🙂

Emilly Oak

My favorite Aussie, Emily is head green buyer for AIR (Australian Independent Roasters) is Sydney. Emily is also a board member for the World Barista Championship committee, and instrumental on getting the word out about the competition either with live streaming or making sure everyone knows whats happening at competition.

Emily also has her finger on the pulse of the Ausie scene, a must addition to your twitter list.

Gwilym Davies

the current world barista chap is not a regular poster, but a must follow as he is not only the current WBC champ but the nicest guy in coffee. Also one of the most colourful and complicated people in coffee a must follow

Tim Varney

An exiled Ausie who lived in London now lives in Norway. If that can not bring you some story’s and a little confusion then I don’t know what will. Tim is the roaster for Tim Wendlebow coffee in Oslo. A talented roaster, an opinionated and charismatic guy, and just very very interesting.

Nick Cho

I guess another disclaimer that I’m one of nick Cho’s biggest fans here would be a good start.

Scraping in, not because of his quality posts, but because a late entry to the twitter world. His irresistible charm and insight means he is in.

His style from his famous podcasts ( ) and his sometimes brash opinionated style may turn some off, but some how the lovable Nick comes across in his tweets.

I love keeping up to date with the story and the random shock jock post. Long live the Cho!!!!

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  2. Is this all Steve? How about: @david_latourell , @flyingthud , @aidabatlle , @sweetmarias , @klaus_thomsen , @timwendelboe for starters?

    Interesting list still. Good initiative!

  3. @recaf – again not a prolific user, but he tends not to post inane platitudes

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